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Building Power Supply

The Buildings include: Office,High-rise residential buildings,Hotel, Restaurant,Shopping mall.  No stop power supply is essential to support computer , lighting, elevator ,etc. Diesel generator especially equipped with ATS function can afford this kind of requirement.



Brief introduction:

1.Working condition:

  Diesel generator can work 24 hours each day and there is no stop, output keep at rated power, 1hours overload per 12hours is allowed. 

  Altitude:below 1000 meters.

  Ambient temperature: Lowest :-15°C, highest:+ 45°C


 2.Noise requirement: 

Depend on user different requirement,standby power can equipped with super silent generator. Noise below 75dBA @ 7 meters.                                                                                                                                                

3.Diesel generator self protection and self start/stop function:

 In following condition, diesel generator can stop automatically and protect itself. Low oil pressure, high water temperature, overspeed, overload and fault phase.  

Diesel generator with AMF which can start automatically. Diesel generator with ATS which can start and transfer automatically.  

If city power or main power shut off, diesel generator can start automatically within stipulated time ,for instance, 20second, and provide power to the load. If city power come back , diesel generator will stop automatically, ATS will make load power supplied by city power or main power. 

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